Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corp.

During the co-operation with Japanese smelters, our company established the perfect technology and supply chain management which provides the optimal solution for western european e-waste traders / collectors to get the most value out of their material.

About Us / Company's Mission

The management of Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corporation s.r.o. considers it important that economic growth should not equate to the extraction of additional raw materials.

Our keyword is: Recycling!

Currently, the economy is linear, i.e. ‘extract-produce-consume-dispose’. Its results today are depleted raw material stocks, increased energy demand and growing landfills.

All business lines of our company are organised for environmentally conscious thinking, which we take to schools in the form of presentations and we also support the operation of environmental organisations, where the primary aspect is the prevention and elimination of the ecological damage.

The quality operation of our company is ensured by ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 45001 and WEEELABEX quality certificates.

“We are working today for your tomorrow!”


Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corporation Recycling‘s state-of-the-art dry technology machine line, which was commissioned in 2019, processes electronic waste with a complex device-mix and material composition in an efficient and environmentally friendly process. We offer comprehensive and long-term business cooperation especially to companies dealing with electronic waste, as well as manufacturers of electronic devices, wherever they are in the world. We guarantee fast and accurate accounting for our suppliers.


Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corporation Upcycling‘s product development group manufactures various construction product from PVC and plastic-based waste generated in its own waste processing plant. These are durable and eco-design products that have a distribution licence and the associated quality certificates.

‘Upcycling & Innovation!” AMEC™


Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corporation’s Re-Use business was created to recycle reusable electronic components. Professionally disassembled parts from e-panels, electronic equipment and devices are sent directly to the manufacturers for re-installation.

Purchase of Electronic Waste

Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corporation also purchases disused electronic devices, or components of them, at competitive prices from international retail and wholesale suppliers, with favourable payment terms. We also arrange ‘door-to-door’ road or maritime transport with our own logistics team.


Our purchase price list can be opened here, but from our dealers you can also request a unique offer at the contact details below.

Our new initiative is the ‘For Our Planet!’ call, where you can also send us your electronic deviceslaying dusty at home. Our parcel delivery partner can ship to us from Europe at a favourable price up to 40 kg, while you will get the value of the extracted raw materials by bank transfer, or you can offer the amount to an organisation we support!

International Shipping

Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corporation‘s Freight Forwarding Office provides favourable conditions for all its customers for the international transport of bulk materials without quantitative restrictions.

Power Plant

The Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corporation PowerPlant branch offers a landmark solution for
one of the gravest environmental issues larger cities have to face nowadays: the processing of
municipal waste. Our company produces electricity by using municipal waste, while our technology
utilising a closed system does NOT have an environmental effect.
Our company offers a wide variety of services from carrying out environmental impact assessments
through planning and installation to the performance of power plant maintenance.

“We are working today

for your tomorrow!”


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