What to do with End-of-Life PV Modules?


End of Life (EOL) Photovoltaic Solar Modules are modules that have been retired from the market including utility- scale solar farms, microgrids and rooftops.
Reasons for their retirement could include damaged and broken cells or simply a loss in performance.
In the next couple years more and more repowering and decommissioning projects will take place as the first- generation solar panels used in the early 2000s are already starting to reach the end of their useful life.

From replacing a couple broken panels to complete solar farm repowering and decommissioning projects, the disposal process should not be overlooked as improper disposal can lead to harming the environment, legal consequences, as well as heavy fines. It is important to note that in the European Union, end-of-life PV modules, regardless of their condition are considered waste.

Used solar panels can be toxic due to their material composition and can have serious environmental impacts if not handled, treated, and disposed properly. Therefore, only manufacturers and authorized waste management / recycling companies are allowed to re-use or process end-of-life solar modules. The re-sale of used PV panels on the secondary market is also illegal without proper authorization and can result in legal consequences and heavy fines. 

Our company is authorized for recycling & reuse.

In order to lower the environmental impact, comply with regulations, and avoid fines it is important that companies and organizations dispose their used solar panels only through accredited recycling and treatment facilities. Disposal fees often depend on the type and quantity of panels and cover the recycling and treatment costs.
After disposal it is also a good idea to request a certificate of disposal or destruction from the recycling or waste management company which can come in handy in case of an audit.

Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corp. accepts used, end-of-life, and broken PV solar modules from all regions within the European Union and ensures their proper treatment and recycling while meeting all regulations.